Our Services

The digital age demands a well-rounded approach to marketing – both online, and off. At Vanir, we strive to provide our clients with a marketing strategy that doesn’t rely on a single medium to drive your success, but rather develops a robust ecosystem wherein each effort benefits your strategy as a whole. For example, leveraging SEO landing pages for your SEM advertising campaign to increase your ad’s quality score and drive down costs, or utilizing in-house original photo and video content creation as both an on-site inbound resource and social media update. Learn more about our individual offerings, and how Vanir can assist your business in a uniquely diverse and agile manner.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stands as the backbone of Vanir’s digital approach. A robust organic presence alone is enough to thrust nearly every business to success, while an underdeveloped SEO strategy can lead to complete digital failure. We leverage data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to inform our content-first approach to SEO – future-proofing your website and aiding all other mediums of your digital development.

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“Content is king” – nearly every agency says it, yet few are capable of delivering the content quality that’s essential to the success of any piece of copy. We work to understand your brand voice and buyer personas, along with striving to become subject matter experts in your industry (if we don’t have experience already) to produce content that not only aligns with your business’s needs, but drives your digital strategy in a meaningful manner. We seamlessly blend Google-friendly practices with user-friendly verbiage and “flow” to ensure the content we develop serves all purposes equally – not just “writing for Google”.

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Graphic Design

Whether you need a logo altered or created, a custom whitepaper or ebook, merchandise, or a complete brand redesign, Vanir comes equipped to provide world-class design to propel your business to the next level. From our development of a sleek, simple corporate brand systems to merch with wild and funky custom typography from our partners at Riptype, we’re fully prepared to either overhaul your company’s visual presentation or serve as your company’s go-to graphic design + production team.

A search bar with a tasteful drop shadow. Inside the search bar, the text "Search Engine Marketing" exists. A fanciful exploration of the idea of recursion. A search bar with a tasteful drop shadow. Inside the search bar, the text "Search Engine Marketing" exists. A fanciful exploration of the idea of recursion.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and digital advertising has quickly developed into a hot ticket item for nearly every agency. While digital advertising is indeed important, we find the medium to largely represent an opportunity for agencies to drain a client’s bank account. SEM, like any other medium, requires a critical, data-driven approach. We leverage all the data available from Ads and Google Analytics to ensure you’re not redundant in your efforts, and assist in selecting the correct platform for your digital marketing (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc).

A black and white photograph of our studio's infinity cyclorama. "Infinity cyclorama" is a pretentious term for a backdrop that curves in such a way that there is no hard angle where the floor meets the wall. We use this to create stunning photography.

Photo and Video

With access to a full cyclorama wall studio in Burlington, VT, Vanir is capable of:

  • Portrait photography
  • Corporate headshots
  • Product photography and video
  • Studio videography
  • On-site videography

While our equipment includes some of the latest releases in camera technology, our small team typically only takes on smaller-sized photo and video projects. For larger video productions, we partner with our studio mate Rob Lietar and work directly with him throughout your project to ensure our strict standards of deliverable quality are adhered to.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is easily one of the most misunderstood and misapplied mediums of digital marketing. Far too many businesses spend countless hours and astronomical quantities of their digital budget on social media marketing with little to nothing to show for it. While useful for spreading brand awareness and engaging with your audience, at Vanir we leverage the inherent benefits of social media without claiming it to be the missing piece of your digital puzzle. We work to drive engagement and spread awareness, and if applicable, advertise in a manner that supports your efforts as opposed to simply stressing your budget.

Consulting + Vendor Management

Many businesses are simply looking to identify areas where they could improve, or are interested in better aligning separate efforts across multiple channels. We’re happy to work alongside your current vendors in identifying areas of improvement or potentially overlooked opportunities in your digital marketing strategy.

We work with many clients who have developed an ecosystem of different vendors who each serve a specific vertical – whether that be web design, graphic design, SEM, or SEO. We offer vendor management, in which we interface directly with each of your vendors to ensure their efforts are aligned in a manner that’s efficient and congruent with one another. We consolidate their separate reports and speak directly with you – saving you time and allowing you to focus on further developing your business without wasting effort or worrying about the efficacy of your digital efforts.

Vanir, LLC – Your Embedded Marketing Department

Vanir strives to stand as your company’s marketing department. If there’s something we can’t handle ourselves, we leverage our partnerships with individuals and contractors who meet our strict standards for quality and professionalism to ensure your business receives nothing short of industry-leading service. Contact us today to discuss your digital marketing needs.