We’re here to help your business, not waste your time.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is simple, “We work with businesses to navigate marketing efficiently and increase ROI.” When we work with a client, we use our knowledge of marketing, branding, and SEO to to help them put forth the best effort for an actual increase of conversions and money made. With Vanir, there are no tricks. If there’s less pomp and circumstance that you see with other marketing firms, it’s because we’re working on strategy that will increase your bottom line; not wasting your time and money to make ourselves look good.

In Norse mythology, the Vanir are associated with wisdom and the ability to see the future.We believe that marketing efforts should be made in a way that supports a business in an intelligent and strategic way; we approach marketing by looking at the future in way that can improve the investment our clients and help them navigate the storm of running a business and reaching their customers.

Our History

Vanir started when Kelsey and Cole discussed their frustrations about how much money was being spent by companies we had worked for on dishonest marketing practices that looked good on paper but didn’t improve the company’s efficacy or profits. When we saw how much money was being thrown away, we realized we could provide a better service by working closely with companies and optimizing their marketing efforts to actually gain customers.

Cole McDermott earned a BFA in Graphic Design at Champlain College before working for the Boston Beer Company on the Alchemy & Science marketing team. After learning more about marketing, he began working in the medical technology field for PCC, before joining the Diagnostic Information Solutions marketing team at Roche. In addition to these companies, he has worked with numerous small and large operations to define their brand identities, market their services, and manage project strategy.

Kelsey Brandin is an accomplished content writer and SEO specialist who graduated with a BA in English from UVM and went on to work for large and small businesses around the US. He has extensive experience in the auto industry, investigatory services, music industry, and specialty food & beverage.